UK Needs Hastened Approval on Wind Turbine Farms to Meet Green Goals

The UK has set goals to provide 15% energy needs from renewable green resources by 2020.

The UK has set goals to provide 15% energy needs from renewable green resources by 2020.

UK’s Chairman of the Committee on Climate Control (CCC), Lord Adair Turner, announced that the nation’s goals would be out of reach without stronger investment in its success. Currently the goal is for the UK to generate a minimum of 15 per cent of its energy from green resources by 2020. This would come from renewable sources such as wind and solar power. The nation now meets its needs with only 3 per cent of green resources.

The chairman constructed a letter to Chris Huhne, the Energy and Climate Change Minister, calling for more effort from government to build wind turbines on both land and sea. He noted that planning approval rates for turbines had fallen from 68 per cent to 53 per cent. Currently the average planning time for a wind farm is approximately three years and he believes the process should be hastened despite efforts to prevent the farms from dampening environmental beauty spots.

He said that it would be necessary for the number of wind farm installations to increase three fold every year to be able to meet set goals, stating: “Any changes to the planning framework should focus on reducing planning times in order that renewable electricity projects proceed as required to meet the target.”

The CCC has advised government to reduce the current target to 10 per cent for renewable energy biofuels for vehicles by 2020. Lord Turner believes crops required for growing biofuels will take up land away from growing other crops and cause significant food shortages and deforestation.

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