Tunisian Protest Continues, Despite New Government Being Formed

Tunisia Government

Tunisia Government

Mohamed Ghannouchi, the Tunisian Prime Minister, has announced a new government that includes many familiar faces from the government of the ousted president, and three opposition leaders.

The new cabinet, which must steer the country out of turmoil and towards the new presidential elections in two months, represents a strange balance between members of the old guard and new faces. This is likely to disappoint many Tunisians.

It was announced that three ministers of the ruling RCD party would keep their posts. The Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Finance Minister all retain their posts too.

As for the new faces, opposition leader Majib Chebbi has been selected for the post of Minister for Regional Government, whilst two other opposition leaders have been also been given ministerial jobs.

There are growing fears that these changes will not satisfy protesters, especially as the protests are still going on. Some protestors said they would not accept members of the ousted president’s ruling party in the new government, because they would block needed reforms.

Many protestors were shot at, beaten and tear-gassed by police, in their attempts to try and control the situation.

Ahmed Friaa, an interior minister, told television crews that over 78 people have been killed since the start of the protests. He added that estimated costs were $2 billion in damages and lost business.

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