The government takes on gangs

Gang Crime

Gang Crime

Stamping out gang crime is a high priority for the coalition.

Gang injunctions were introduced in England and Wales on the 31st of January and the government has promised to spend £18 million tackling knife and gun crime.

Former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella launched a report into gang culture in Britain after her 16 year old brother Ben was stabbed in a fight in North London in 2008. This led David Cameron to appoint her as a government advisor on knife crime in 2010.

Kinsella said she hopes the money will go to help people who were involved in anti-knife crime projects continue their work, “It means help for these projects out there, a lot of these people do this just for their passion and because they want to see good out there”.

The gang injunctions will be used in much the same way as anti-social behaviour orders and were devised by the Labour party when they were in government.

Police and local authorities will have the power to obtain injunctions from county courts to ban people from going to certain areas, wearing gang colours or even owning aggressive dogs.

Injunctions will be used against adults believed to be involved in gang-related violent crimes. Ministers are quick to stress that they will not be used in place of prosecution in serious cases.

Do you think the gang injunctions will go far enough to curb violent crime?

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