The Crown Prosecution Service expands phone hacking investigations

Crown Prosecution Service extends investigation

Crown Prosecution Service extends investigation

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced that it will expand its investigations of phone hacking to include new allegations made by potential victims.

The service has chosen to re-examine the evidence collected about the News of the World newspaper, following allegations from other sources have suggested that phone hacking has been widely practised.

This also comes as former MP Paul Marsden has suggested he may take legal action against the Trinity Mirror newspaper after he accused the paper of hacking.

The newspaper has said that all its journalists worked with the law and continue to do so.

These fresh allegations come after David Cameron’s Director of Communications Andy Coulson resigned following continued accusations about phone-hacking at the News of the World while he was editor at the paper.

His resignation from the paper came after Clive Goodman, royal editor at the newspaper, was jailed for intercepting the voicemails of aides. Mr Coulson denies knowing about any wrongdoing that occurred while he was serving as editor.

The expansion of the CPS investigations comes after a number of high-profile figures have claimed to be victims of phone-hacking and lawyers have suggested that the hacking was widespread, despite reassurance that this was said to be the work of one “rouge reporter”

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