Students take to the streets again in fresh protest

student protests

student protests

Following this month’s previous student protests that descended into violence, further protests are planned today, with students due to walk out of lessons at 11am. Others plan to hold further protests in Britain’s largest cities.

With twitter users reporting large gatherings of students in Trafalgar Square before lunch time, and one user estimating several hundred people, it looks likely that today’s protests will add further pressure to the government’s plans to allow universities to increase tuition fees.

The protests, which are being encouraged by the NUS (National Union of Students), are being largely organised via social networks, with one Facebook group containing 200,000 members. NUS president, Aaron Porter was also keen to stress that he was keen for students to demonstrate but, “There are no conditions in which violence is acceptable.”

Speaking on Sky News Aaron added, “We saw a couple of weeks ago the anger that students had with regard to the Government’s proposals and tomorrow is another opportunity for students to show what they think about those proposals.

“From my perspective I think it’s really important that the campaign continues its momentum and we continue to hold the Government to account.”

Some 20,000 students have pledged to walk out of lessons and reports from two comprehensives in Leeds, both of which regularly attain Oxbridge places, have told of hundreds of students marching out of school at 11am.

The protests come on the day that student Edward Woolard pleaded guilty to throwing a fire extinguisher off a roof during clashes between police and demonstrators two weeks ago.

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