Student tuition fee protests get violent again

Students Protest

Students Protest

At least eight people have been injured and a further three arrested as students have held another round of protests against increased tuition fees, across the United Kingdom.

Just two weeks after the first round of protests that saw 60 people arrested and dozens injured, the second round of protests have brought more violence.

Roughly 10,000 students took part in walk-outs and marches across the country today, to protest against government plans to increase tuition fees.

The walk-outs, which took place at 11am, saw many schools emptied, as those walking out joined protests up and down the country.

The plans, which will see tuition fees rise to £9000 a year, are being widely opposed by sixth form students, and those at school who will be directly influenced by the rise, as well as existing students who feel strongly about fee’s rising.

A policeman suffered a broken arm, whilst another was seen to be dragged to safety, apparently knocked out cold, in scenes that have been broadcast live on news channels all day.

London Ambulance service has confirmed that eight people have been injured. The police, caught cold by the last demonstration, were out in force today, particularly in Whitehall, where they closed off the road in front of Downing Street, and Trafalgar Square where thousands of students gathered on the steps of the National Gallery and around the base of Nelsons’ Column.

One young female protester was hailed for trying to stop fellow protesters from vandalising a police van, but the van had already been vandalised beyond recognition.

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