Reverend Jesse Jackson: Stand Up And Fight Back

Reverend Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson, the US civil rights activist and anti-poverty campaigner has told the Occupy London movement at St Paul’s Cathedral to ‘stand up and fight back’.  Jackson stood in front of a strong number of people and addressed the crowds to attack the culture of corporate greed and while he hailed the protest as a direct descendant of the civil rights movement.

Forty years of civil activism

He has more than forty years of civil activism in his locker, and during that time the venue in London had to be one of the lesser ones, and not really a place for a motivational speech by the Reverend. A make shift plinth was erected  in front of St Paul’s Cathedral on a brisk day in the city, he is a well known figure but the traffic was still seen behind him.

Jackson impressed the gathered population at the Occupy London camp on yesterday evening with the speech which praised the protest as not just a necessary evil but one that came straight from the civil rights movement. He stated that he felt that there was something powerful about the protest, even going so far as to say: “You represent Jesus standing outside the temple.”

The amassed crowd cheered for him during what was brief speech but one which touched on many different areas, with the meaning of Christmas not being forgotten. Other topics that were included in the address to the crowds where the deaths in police custody and the wider impact and meaning of Premiership football.

The protestors had invited the great man to come down to the place where they were doing their best to put pressure on the government. These protesters have been camped overlooked by the Cathedral since the middle of October, they have made themselves a permanent spot to highlight what they see as gross global economic injustices. Reverend Jesse Jackson was the highlight of the whole day of action which was given the title of ‘Occupy Everything’.

Strong presence

Jackson had arrived wearing an all black outfit looking very smart and purposeful as usual, with many years of experience talking in front of huge numbers of people the 70-year-old still has a strong presence while maintaining the ability of keeping the masses attention when he speaks,

Talking about the role of government’s he said: “Banks got bailed out, people got left out. Protesters are criminalised but not a single banker has gone to jail for their crimes, the corruption and greed which drove the global economy to the brink of collapse.”

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