Politics: Labour To Set Out an Alternative Economic Option

Ed Miliband To Bring Labour Back

Ed Miliband To Bring Labour Back

Ed Milliband has spoken at the Labour party conference in Liverpool, saying that David Cameron should change policy on the economy and “start showing some leadership.” The Labour party leader said that the austerity measures had not been working and once again re-iterated his comments regarding a temporary VAT cut in an attempt to promote economic growth.

A Different But Viable View

In addition he urged the government to cap tuition fees at £6,000 a year to lower the burden on student debt. It is anticipated that Labour will use the party conference in order to outline an economic vision that is different from the coalition’s view, but just as viable.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls will also increase his attacks on the coalition government, urging its leaders to change policies as well. Labour is committed to reducing the deficit by half over the next four years and admits that if they were the party in power, spending cuts would still occur, but that they would use quantitative easing to increase economic growth in addition.

The first step the party suggests is a cut in VAT. The plan is to cut the deficit over four years but also keep growth, as that would be the only way to meet requirements and goals. He also said, “There is an absence of leadership and I say to the prime minister ‘put the politics aside, start showing some leadership’.”

Gaining Support

The Labour party has a lot to do in order to gain back the support lost just before the last election, in order to win votes. The leader admitted that there was a long way to go, but said the party was up to it. Mr. Milliband also stressed that he knew who he was and where he wanted the country to go, which was the way to ensure that the party would be on track.

The leader’s older brother, David Milliband, gave him a vote of confidence, saying, “Ed will lead the party in the way that he sees fit, with conviction and purpose—and that’s right.”

Shadow work and pensions secretary, Liam Byrne is in charge of the policy review for the party and suggested that by taking the centre ground, the party would gain economic credibility, being realistic financially, but focusing on another way to do it, such as getting the country working again.

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