Politics: Ed Millband To Suggest Policy Be Changed at Labour Conference

Ed Milliband To Make a Speech Today

Ed Milliband To Make a Speech Today

Ed Milliband is set to promise an end to Britain’s “fast-buck” culture in a speech today at Labour’s party conference in Liverpool. He is expected to suggest that the country needs new leadership by saying that policy changes will need to be created. While he will not announce ideas for policy change, Mr. Milliband is expected to argue that changes to the welfare system and the way businesses are run should be made.


The Conservatives have argued that the “something for nothing culture” Mr. Milliband is so against was put in place by the last Labour government. While the party is not setting out a manifesto, so as not to make promises they cannot keep, the speech Mr. Milliband makes could outline the sort of issues that might be put into the manifesto for the next election, after it has finished its current policy review.

Mr. Miliband is to talk about tax incentives for companies that contribute to the economy, either through training or investing. He has said that those who “asset-strip” rather than create growth will not be taxed the same or treated the same by his government, were he in power. In addition, housing queues would be able to be skipped by those who contribute to their local communities. Finally, he is expected to argue that the country should be a “something for something” culture, rewarding those who make a contribution.

We Need to Reward The Responsible and Hard Working

According to the Labour party leader, the country is in need of a society that rewards those who are responsible and those who “graft” or work hard. He will discuss today how the system has failed, rewarding those who do not deserve He is expected to say, “Labour will always stand as the voice of the people, our people. Their values will be heard. And we will challenge the vested interests that benefit when the wrong values are rewarded.”

However, this stance has been criticized by Conservative party leaders, with co-chairwoman Baroness Warsi suggesting that Labour’s 13 years in office produced that “something for nothing” culture. She said, “If Ed Milliband was serious about turning that around, he wouldn’t be opposing our reforms to the welfare system to make work pay.”

She also suggested that Labour put the red tape around small businesses and created the issues that led to the stalling of social mobility in schools and universities.


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