Politicians Must Get Involved in Digital Media Thanks to New Digital Economy Act

The Digital Economy Act seeks to protect digital media copyrights.

The Digital Economy Act seeks to protect digital media copyrights.

Digital media has demanded the attention of politicians whether they understand the subject matter or not.  Recent regulations introduced through the Digital Economy Act that govern digital media copyright matters has required involvement of UK politicians.  Criticism has been strong against the new rules and leaders must address the opponents of the new act as well as find a way to protect the rights of those holding copyrights.

Pete Wishart MP, Vice-Convener for the All-party Parliamentary Group on Intellectual Property said: “What the Digital Economy Act did do is engage Parliament, probably for the first time, in some of the issues and concerns in the digital world.”

Opponents of the regulation include BT and TalkTalk.  Each have filed papers with the high court asking that there be a judicial review of the new Act.  They argue provisions in the act that focuses on online copyright infringement were rushed into law before being properly investigated.

The Act has had a vast amount of criticisim.  A website launch of “Your Freedom” has appealed to the government to withdraw the new law.  Government has to find a way however to help businesses, artists, and others who lose income when their intellectual property is pirated.

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