Pakistan Cricket Match Fixing Could Be In The Tens Of Millions

Pakistan Cricket Team

Pakistan Match Fixing Allegations

The recent news about the Pakistan Cricket team match fixing allegations appears to be more shocking than first thought. It now appears that the alleged match fixers may have made up to £20 million for their co conspirators, whilst securing a share of around £6 million for themselves.
Mazhar Majeed was filmed by a Sunday paper giving details of no balls and their timings reportedly for £150,000. Subsequently, no balls in the match came at the right times and were very blatant.

Police and fraud squad detectives are now investigating every match that the Pakistan Cricket team have played in the last two years. They will assess bookmaker’s accounts to see if there are any other suspicious betting patterns that may lend themselves to potential fraud.

The cricket world has been saddened and shocked by the scale of the scandal and even the president of Pakistan, Yousef Raza Gilani, said that the country should “bow its head in shame.” There have been previous cricket betting scandals but none at this level. Where millions of pounds are bet on cricket daily, this sort of activity is inevitable. It is a certainty that if found guilty, the players will face a lifetime ban at least.

There were many raised eyebrows when Amir was awarded player of the series with England and was awarded a cheque for £4,000. This followed extended booing from England cricket fans who were appalled at the allegations. Imran Khan said that Pakistan should still be allowed to compete, even if the allegations are found to be true. Pakistan is very proud of its cricket heritage and to not compete would be a huge setback for the country.

Other sports have recently had similar scandals, particularly snooker which is still deciding if John Higgins is guilty of match fixing and accepting bungs. Betting syndicates are set up worldwide to take advantage of these stings, betting on intricate parts of matches can be hard to detect.

Firmer action needs to be taken with guilty parties as the threat of a ban is not enough to deter foul play. It is important to remember that inadvertently, fraud in sport takes money away from honest punters.

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  1. September 4, 2010 at 11:20 pm Ali Khan Commented:

    Lets go back to 50/50 World Cup held in 1999 in England. During early stages
    Bangla Desh were allowed to beat Pakistan so that they too could become a
    Test Cricket playing nation as a result. Several of the Pakistan players had openly let it be known of this result in advance. Many many people made a fortune except the bookies. It was arranged at the govermental level.

    Also Pakistan specialise in losing matches from winning positions! Last test
    vs Australia in Australia and the semi final in 20/20 early this year vs Australia.
    No other country does this feat so regularly as Pakistan, check it out! I could name a few more. I dont like Cricket, oh no.

  2. September 5, 2010 at 10:34 pm Colin May Commented:

    An interesting article, let down badly by the last paragraph. The current betting scandal relates to bets that legal, regulated companies like Betfair don’t even offer. The activity we’re talking about here relates to illegal betting in India and Pakistan, run by criminals because no one else can offer betting.

    it shows a poor understanding of the problem to make the unfounded claim that a lot of fraud takes place on Betfair. On what evidence? Let’s keep to the facts, otherwise we’ll all look like idiots.

  3. September 6, 2010 at 8:09 am admin Commented:

    Valid point Colin and duly noted and edited. It stands to reason that public indexes will be targets for betting fraud but as you say, that is not as relevant in this instance. Your feedback is appreciated.

  4. September 8, 2010 at 6:58 am khurshid alam khan Commented:

    It’s a sin, the guilty should be punished.
    They have brought disrespect to the game & they should be sacked,

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