Occupy Protest: Change For Finance And Political Systems

Occupy movement

Occupy movement




Protests which were seen in London over the weekend have been inspired by Occupy Wall Street and which were a part of widespread protests for changes in the worlds political and financial systems and were against corporate greed.

Dancing and partying

The protests have been seen in London, New York and Rome. The protest in New York the mood was similar to what may be witnessed at a festival with dancing and partying stopping traffic in Times Square.

However, Rome suffered at the hands of the worst violence experienced on the streets for years with the local police having one of their vans set on fire and the police having to use tear gas to control the chaos which resembled the recent events across the UK.

The news had spread quickly through the internet and those that could identify with the Wall Street protesters to the streets in London to offer their support.

The social media giant Twitter was alive with activity with a hashtag – #OccupyLSX being the centre of messages of where to gather. The chosen destination was St. Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London’s financial district.

The reality is that the movement witnessed really shows the growing feeling among all groups of people that the global system is crumbling fast and it needs to be changed quickly before more damage is sustained.

Refusal to accept failings

What is being witnessed is that leaders are failing to lead their people and parents are worried that it will be their children who will be paying for the damage already sustained globally.

The Occupy movement has embodied a complete refusal to accept the current failings. It is also hoped that in London and the rest of the world that the many more people stand and up and express their concerns and attempt to force the leaders around the world to act now.

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