Occupy Melbourne: Riot Police Stop Protest

Occupy Melbourne

Occupy Melbourne

The latest instalment in the Occupy movement has hit the streets of Melbourne where riot police have moved in on protestors and are attempting to forcibly remove them from their campsite. As such the Occupy Movement has been halted until next week. During early Saturday several hundred demonstrators had marched peacefully from Federation Square to Trades Hall in the city’s north.

Capsicum spray, horses, dogs

At every step protestors were followed by a large contingent of police. It was late last week when violence took hold in CBD and it was police who stepped in to remove activists who had been camping in the city square.

Capsicum spray was used by police, who also used horses and dogs to force the many activists out of the city centre, with some officers having to drag some protestors away.

100 of the protestors were arrested in broad daylight and in full public view as the scenes had spread onto some of the accompanying streets which saw a two policemen injured in the midst of the chaos.

Even thought there has been a decision to temporarily stop the protest, demonstrators have said that they have promised to continue their protest against government greed, protests which have followed the same sentiment as those seen in London, New York and Rome.

True democracy

Many of the Australian demonstrators were saying that the they were protesting because they wanted a better society and they wanted a say in that, whilst also stating that a ‘true democracy’ was being sought.

“It is difficult to see an end to this dispute anytime soon, but the fact is that the workers are determined. We’re determined to achieve a fairer outcome and part of that is getting access to people like you, to the media and others to our case across,” said Peter Somerville from the  Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association.

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