Obama Signs Stricter Sanctions Against Iran

US adopts stricter sanctions against Iran.

US adopts stricter sanctions against Iran.

US President Barack Obama signed into law on Thursday new US sanctions against Iran.  Obama called it another step in demonstrating “the United States and the International Community are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons”.

“Consistent with the Security Council mandate, this legislation strengthens existing sanctions, authorizes new ones and supports our multilateral diplomatic strategy to address Iran’s nuclear programs”, Obama said of the new sanctions, noting they are the toughest sanctions against Iran ever by the United States.

“It makes it harder for the Iranian government to purchase refined petroleum and the goods, services and materials to modernize Iran’s oil and natural gas sector”,  Obama said.  “It makes it harder for the Revolutionary Guards and banks that support Iran’s nuclear programs and terrorism to engage in international finance.  It says to companies seeking procurement contracts with the United States government – if you want to do business with us, you first have to certify that you are not doing prohibited business with Iran.”

“We are showing the Iranian government that its actions have consequences”, Obama said.  “And if it persists, the pressure will continue to mount, and its isolation will continue to deepen.”

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