Obama And Cameron: Basketball Then Business

Obama takes Cameron too NCAA tournament

Obama takes Cameron too NCAA tournament

The President of America Barack Obama has treated the British Prime Minister to his favourite sport of Basketball, taking Cameron to an NCAA tournament game. The game was taking place in the presidential election state of Ohio which could have the swinging vote.

The short trip to Dayton was scheduled to show off ‘March Madness’ which is one of the country’s most popular sporting events. The White House have said the purpose of the was to display the ‘special relationship’ between the transatlantic allied.

Basketball fan

Obama who is a massive basketball fan, took Cameron to watch the National Collegiate Athletic Association game between Western Kentucky and Mississippi Valley State at the University of Daytona sports arena where both men enjoyed the courtside seats.

Obama was seen talking to Cameron, trying to explain the rules of the game. During the first half both leaders were seen enjoying hot dogs while Cameron sipped a Coke.

Cameron described the basketball as being ‘fast and furious’ and said that the American President had helped him follow the game. In return the British Prime Minister has promised to teach his American counterpart the game of cricket, since Obama admitted that he did not understand ‘the cricket thing’.

With a day of sport which put formalities to one side, both men are expected to come together and hold formal talks at the White House. It is expected that the British prime minister will be honoured during a state dinner which will be taking place at the White House.

For Obama the visit to Ohio carried a sense of domestic politics, since the state has become something of a battleground for the elections which will be taking place on November 6th this year. The elections and more importantly states that hold the swinging votes are vital to Obama’s hopes of making it two terms in the White House.

In 2008 the Democratic president had won Ohio, but current polls have revealed that he is facing stiff competition to keep hold of the state from Republican Mitt Romney.

Student debt

Obama and Cameron have a strong relationship, and Obama had the chance to strengthen his personal bond with Brit. Last year in May when Obama visited Britain, the two men played a pair of teenagers in a game of table tennis.

The USA is in the middle of its own debt problems with student debt set to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020. Students in the UK are starring at a rise in their tuition fees which will also have a long-term impact for many thinking about higher education.

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