MUG INSULT: Cameron Call Miliband A ‘Mug’

Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron

Ed Miliband has been called a ‘complete mug’ by Prime Minister David Cameron over the Labour leaders stance regarding Europe in a emotion packed Prime Minister’s questions yesterday, this was due to Miliband refusing to say that Brussels had too much power.

Rethink the balancing of responsibilities

During Prime Minister’s questions the Labour leader had confronted the Prime Minister after the his deputy Nick Clegg promised to crush any Tory attempt at trying to bring back powers to Westminster from Brussels.

However, David Cameron responded by saying that Nick Clegg had understood that there was a very good case to rethink the balancing of responsibilities. Cameron referring to the Lib Dems said that there was a group of people who were looking for some rebalancing, then pointing to the Conservatives he said that there was a group looking for a lot of rebalancing and then he ended by saying that there was a complete mug, referring to Miliband, who wants no rebalancing at all.

When Miliband was asked whether or not Brussels had too much power, he responded by saying that he felt they did not.

It had already been arranged for the Prime Minister to fly over to Brussels for a summit which will look at ways to save Europe from economic disaster. David Cameron stated that the summit should deal with the key elements of the eurozone crisis, since this is holding back the recovery on many other countries.

In terms of Greece the Prime Minister said it was vital that any action is decisive and that a proper recapitalisation of the banks is required and a firewall to stop the problem from spreading wider.

Raised a point of order

Labour back bencher Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West) raised a point of order and asked Mr Speaker to ‘clarify those phrases are in order’ so that he could use them.

In response Speaker Bercow said: “I want to be simple and clear. What is involved in my judgement is not a matter of order but of taste. For the avoidance of doubt, I would prefer not to hear either term used by any member.”

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