MP’s urged to sell off wine collection

Coalition's priceless wine collection

Coalition’s priceless wine collection

The government has been told it should sell off its wine collection to help reduce the budget deficit, as it has been revealed that it contains bottles worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Labour party member Tom Watson said that the collection contained a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1978 worth more than £2,500 ($3,900 Dollars, 2,900 Euros) as well as many other expensive vintage bottles.

Watson called for the coalition to sell off its most expensive wines as part of the effort to pay off the deficit. “nobody will seriously believe that we are all in this together when ministers are quaffing wines at £200 a bottle,” he said.

“They should sell the good stuff to make ends meet.”

Many of the wines in the collection come with instructions regarding their flavour, for example there is a bottle of Chateau Palmer 1975, which costs upwards of 120 pounds, and is described as a “really old-fashioned style claret, rich and excellent with some austerity”. Also, a Chateau Margaux 1961 which is described as “silky”.

One particular bottle, a Chateau Latour 1955, worth about £1,000 reportedly has a note next to it, which reads “Drink on v. special occasions. Spectacular: no need now to hasten rundown of tiny stock. ‘The essence of wonderful claret’. Fresh and lovely.”

The full contents of the collection were obtained by Watson after a year-long battle with government officials, and he believes that selling the collection would a true signal to the public that we really are ‘all in this together’.

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