Missing Iranian Nuclear Scientist Shows up in US

Missing Iranian nuclear scientist shows up in US.

Missing Iranian nuclear scientist shows up in US.

On the tail of the US-Russian spy exchange comes another spy type story from the US.  This time it is a nuclear scientist from Iran who reports he was kidnapped and the US says he was in the country on his own free will.

The scientist, Shahram Amiri, disappeared while on a visit to Saudi Arabia in June 2009.  He later showed up in YouTube videos.  In one he tells how he was kidnapped and then later escaped from his captors while in the US.  In another video he explains he is visiting in the US and is studying at a university.

Today he showed up again, this time at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, DC declaring he is a kidnap victim and wants to return home.  The US State Department says he traveled to the US on his own and can leave when he wishes.

The State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said: “He’s been here for some time.  I’m not going to specify for how long, but he has chosen to return.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: “He has been here of his free will and is obviously free to go.  In fact he was scheduled to travel to Iran yesterday and wasn’t able to make all the necessary arrangements to reach Iran through transit countries.  He’s free to go, he was free to come, these decisions are his alone to make.”

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