MEPs handed inflation busting £3000 a year pay rise

MEPs inflation busting deal

MEPs inflation busting deal

Euro-MPs were yesterday handed a whopping £3,000 a year pay increase, after judges, who controversially benefit from the ruling, rejected a bid by member nations to cancel the pay rise.

The bid, in light of worldwide financial difficulties, aimed to give the MEPs less than half of their pre organised pay rise, but was rejected yesterday. In a further kick in the teeth for all those suffering from financial problems at the moment, the MEPs were given the pay rise backdated to July 2009, and will be given interest on their missed payments.

The rise will be received by 46,000 officials, and has caused outrage across Europe.

“Yet again we see self-serving Eurocrats handing large amounts of our money to other self-serving Eurocrats,” pointed out Tory MP Douglas Carswell.

He added, “At a time when we face real austerity at home, there will be lots of folk who see this as yet another reason why we must leave the European Union.”

MEPs already benefit from paying a European tax rate that starts at only 8%, and many earn considerably more than our Prime Minister. Baroness Ashton, EUs Labour finance minister, will see her pay increase by £11,000 to nearly £325,000, nearly three times David Cameron’s salary.

The ruling, which comes on the back of the current Euro currency crisis will do little to calm public unrest about our involvement with the EU.

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