Londoners Forced to use Footsteps as Tube Employees Strike

Tube employees strike causing serious hassle and costing the city millions of pounds.

Tube employees strike causing serious hassle and costing the city millions of pounds.

The city of London and outlying areas will resonate with the sound of footsteps as employees of the Tube transportation services begin their strike.  The strike is planned to begin at 5 pm on Monday, last 24 hours, and cost the city millions of pounds.

The strike will begin with maintenance workers walking out at 5, then at 9pm, drivers, station staff and signallers at the RMT and TSSA unions will do the same.

The main riff as to why the strike is taking place, is over 800 job cuts at ticket offices.  Union officials find this is a threat to safety.

It is believed by Bob Crow, RMT Union general secretary, that TfL was “playing fast and loose” regarding safety by asking volunteers to help run the service.  He commented on the safety issues, saying: “It is about time that the mayor and his officials took the safety issues at the heart of this dispute seriously, removed the threat of these savage cuts from above our members’ heads and cleared the way for meaningful talks aimed at protecting safety and safe staffing levels.” 

Wednesday morning is when services are expected to get back to normal, after 24 hours of disruption in services.

Tfl stated some of the eleven tube lines in London could run on limited services, and the network could be severely disrupted, if the strike was well supported by the unions of RMT and TSSA.

More one day walkouts are planned to take place on 3 October, 2 November and 28 November.

Boris Johnson, London mayor, has prepared the best way possible for the 3 million commuters who rely on the tube.  He has planned, escorted bike rides, 100 additional buses, and capacity for 10,000 extra boat passengers.

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