Kitten Theft Trial Begins for MP’s Wife

John Hemming

John Hemming


The wife of Liberal Democrat MP, John Hemming, has been charged with burgling the house of her husband’s lover, after she broke in stole a kitten.

The MP’s wife appeared before Birmingham Magistrates Court, but was not required to enter a plea. Mrs. Hemming, of Moseley, Birmingham, is alleged to have burgled the home of Emily Cox, Mr Hemming’s lover.

Mrs Hemming, 52, was granted conditional bail and will return to court for a committal hearing.

Mr. Hemming, who described his domestic status as “an unclear situation”, told the Press Association: “I would just like the cat back. I have spent some time looking for the kitten and there is a reward for the safe return of the kitten. Her brother Twinkle is pining for her.”

In June 2005 Mr. Hemming, 50, revealed that his personal assistant, Birmingham councilor Miss Cox, then 27, was pregnant with his child. His wife said at the time that she would stand by the self-confessed adulterer but added the six-year affair was “about number 26″.

She went on to say: “I was upset when I first heard about his affair with Emily Cox, just as anyone would be,” she previously said. “It was quite hard to deal with and I obviously felt betrayed. But I had a lot of support from John. It’s not an ideal situation. But lots of people don’t have ideal situations. You have to look to the positive side of these situations and move on. It was an unfortunate incident and I wish it hadn’t happened, but we are making the best of the situation. We have got a healthy baby who is an addition to our family. I have seen her on a number of occasions.”

She added: “There is no point dwelling on the past. We need to look at how we can effectively support everyone concerned.”

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