Has Barack Obama spat on Britain?

David Cameron and Barack Obama

David Cameron and Barack Obama

U.S. President Barak Obama decided to spit Britain in the face today by announcing that France and Nicholas Sarkozy are America’s greatest ally.

With a statement that quite frankly may offend our boys abroad fighting with America, I think Mr. President may have some apologies to make in the press tomorrow.

Now I’m not going to bang on about who’s got the biggest army or who’s lost the most because it will sound as pathetic as teenage boys comparing who got the biggest thingy, if you get what I mean. But I think Mr Cameron probably felt the pain today from his kick in the teeth and the pain in the pit of his belly as he faces the idea of losing his best pal in the foreign world of superpowers, but what exactly could this mean for the future of America and Britain’s ‘Special Relationship’.

Considering the relationship was described as ‘Truly Special’ by the U.S. President in July 2010 it’s quite a U-turn and I’m sure the PM is sat in No10 scratching his head thinking what did I do to deserve this? But then who can blame the President considering the first present he got of the U.K was graffiti art by Samantha Cameron’s favourite artist. Maybe it’s time you started choosing the gift David?

Well if David Cameron has got any sense he’ll become best mates with Dmitry Medvedev that might make Barak think twice about what he says.

With some demanding radical changes in foreign policy and then others saying that the American President shouldn’t use the term ‘best ally’ so loosely it’s definitely going to be interesting to see what the consequences of Obama’s remark are going to be.

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