Greece or the Euro?

Greece Debt

Greece Debt

A second approval has been made to provide Greece with their second financial lifeline. But the reality is different, the headlines in western media do suggest that Greece are being given another bailout but scratch just behind the surface and the truth is somewhat different. The financial life jacket is not for the people of Greece, it is in fact for the Euro and the EU which is close to collapse.

No stimulus to jobs or services

The money Greece was given will not be for investment and it will not stimulate the rise of jobs or services for its people. Paying debts was the idea behind the payout nothing else.

This is made even clearer when the six key points which were demanded and approved by the Extraordinary Summit of Presidents and Heads of Governments of the 17 countries which use the Euro currency are studied. Not one of these points contains any notion of resolving anything or improving anything in regard to any of the countries.

There is no mention of the Greek bailout. The money being given to Greece will in fact come straight back to those that paid it out with interest.

Saving the struggling Euro currency nothing more

The whole idea behind providing money to Greece was to save the struggling Euro currency. The currency had been weakening at a rate that there was a distinct need to act before the EU was bought to its knees.

The fact is countries like Greece who have debt will continue to struggle with their deficits and the only purpose was to provide a lifeline to the internal problems the EU are facing.

The fact is the so-called “Rescue Plan” does not deal with or even try to answer the fact of what will happen later, because in truth those that designed this bailout are not thinking so far ahead.

The facts are that for the short term the Euro is back and has been given a chance of recovery, the stock markets are up and everything appears to be running smoothly. But is this bailout the real solution because the real problems will come to light and it will affect many people.

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