Emigration on the Cards for Ireland’s Forgotten Generation

Irish jobseekers looking to emigrate

Irish jobseekers looking to emigrate

A survey conducted in the Republic of Ireland has shown that, 70% of unemployed people will emigrate in the next year.

The survey conducted on youth unemployment, shows the worrying figures that 70% of the people without work who were questioned, stated that they are likely to emigrate within the next year.

The National Youth Council believes that the current unemployment of people aged between 15 and 24, is the biggest challenge currently facing the troubled government.

The council, who described their survey as the ‘Forgotten Generation’ survey, say their results provide a worrying insight of the difficulties currently facing the young jobseekers in Ireland.

The 70% of young people questioned also stated, that being without work has had a direct result on their sense of well-being.

The report comes on the back of a worrying week for the Irish Government where Taoiseach Brian Cowen. and four of his party mambers, along with the Green Party, resigned from their government party positions.

The report by the national youth council recommends an improvement on; employment and income supports, and better co-ordination of training, highlighting the latest attempts as not aiding the needs of jobseekers.

The council believe that additional measures need to be put in place to assist early school leavers, with a development of programmes combining; job placements, study, and work experience.

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