Ed Ball Calls Cuts to School Building Programme “Madness”

Save Our Schools Rally is scheduled for July 19

Save Our Schools Rally is scheduled for July 19

Despite cancelling Labour’s 55 billion pound redevelopment programme for schools, Education Secretary Michael Gove says the government will still be investing in schools.  In the cancelled program there were at least 700 schools that were to be assisted.  After the cut, Shadow Secretary Education Secretary Ed Balls said the cuts were “madness”.  He has since launched a “Save Our Schools” campaign.

Mr. Gove said in a writing that appeared in today’s edition of the Sunday Express, that building for schools would not stop, but that ministers wanted to find the schools with the most need.

Gove said schools were “understandably disappointed that they won’t be getting the money the last government boasted about and I feel for them.

“We will of course continue to invest in school buildings and hope to help people in all those areas who feel disappointed now.  We will make sure there are more places for primary pupils and help schools in need of serious repair.”

In a writing by Mr. Balls printed in the Sunday Mirror, he vowed to fight the cuts fully.  He called upon parents and teachers to join together in a rally in Westminster scheduled for July 19.

He stated: “The ultimate responsibility for these unfair and unnecessary cuts rests with Michael Grove, and him alone.”

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