Cowen Steps Down as Fianna Fail Leader

Cowen steps down

Cowen steps down

Republic of Ireland Taoiseach Brian Cowen has announced that he is resigning as Fianna Fail leader.

The embattled Prime Minister today announced he will step down as the party leader, but will remain as Taoiseach until the elections on March 11th.

Cowen had recently called for a general election following the resignation of six government ministers in under one day. Cowen has stated his intentions to continue his efforts in governing the county, while the party looks for its new leadership.

Cowen told a press conference in Dublin that; “The focus should be on what policies the political parties are offering rather than the narrow focus of personality politics,”

The Irish Prime Minister highlighted the internal criticism he received during his time as leader, as the reason for his resignation.

Mr Cowen has vowed to carry on as normal while he remains as Taoiseach.

“My attention now is to concentrate fully on government business and continue to implement the recovery plan. We must cast off the shroud of negativity” stated Cowen.

Just earlier in the week Cowen survived a vote of confidence from his fellow party member, however influential foreign minister Michael Martin, opposed him and resigned on Tuesday.

Martin’s resignation was followed by three more on Wednesday and another on Thursday, before Cowen addressed the Irish legislature.

Cowen and his party have been under intense pressure after applying for an International financial bailout, after previously stating the country did not need one.

The now former party leader, issued his regret of the suffering of the Irish people as a result of the recession, but still believed is strategy to be somewhat successful.

“Our budgetary strategy has helped to stabilize our economy, and return it to economic growth” stated Cowen.

So far this week; Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey, Minister for Defence Tony Killeen, Minister for Health Mary Harney, and Minister for Justice all resigned this week.

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