Corrupt Nations: North Korea Reigns Supreme

The worlds most corrupt nations President

The worlds most corrupt nations President

It comes as no surprise that even in the highly evolved world we live in now there is still more than an underlying current of corruption in many nations. This comes as no surprise when you think of less developed countries where money holds weight and a blind eye will be turned, but it is more of a surprise to hear of some of the more developed countries and where they are placed in the list.

North Korea, Somalia, and Afghanistan

In a report compiled by a civil society organisation, North Korea, Somalia, and Afghanistan have been revealed as the most corrupt countries in the world. Somalia is having its fair share of problems from the hands of pirates and other political issues while Afghanistan has been in the news due to terrorism and lawlessness, but its country still is a hostile place with corruption living strong in its day to day routine.

Looking at the least corrupted countries, the United Kingdom failed to make that as it was closer to the corrupted end, and the reason was because of the recent phone hacking scandal which has dented the reputation of the British media and this has affected its position in the list of 182 countries measured for corruptness.

Chandu Krishnan, Transparency International UK director, has said that the phone hacking scandal has put the Britain under a strange spotlight on the underlying level of corruptness in UK institutions. He went on to say: “The UK is complacent about corruption. This has allowed a culture of impunity to develop, in which corruption is not seriously analysed or investigated, and individuals have behaved unethically in the belief that they would not or should not be held to account.”

Along with some of the lesser developed nations the respect Britain had in regards to be being a place where privacy is respected has long gone, with it being more than evident that if a large institution wants to use underhand techniques to get hold of information not only will they, they can.

UK and US

Looking at the compiled list of top five most corrupt nations, going from first place to fifth are North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Sudan and Turkmenistan. The last three all tied for fifth place.

On the other end of the spectrum, going from least corrupted to back to most corrupted are, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Singapore.

Even more interesting was the fact in the United Kingdom came in 16th place out of the entire compiled list and the United States was in 24th position, this is definitely food for thought.

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