Canada will expel former Tunisian President’s brother-in-law

Former Tunisia President Ben Ali - Hiding in Saudi Arabia

Former Tunisia President Ben Ali – Hiding in Saudi Arabia

The former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s brother-in-law, Belhassen Trabelsi is due to be arrested and expelled from Canada, government sources said.

The Canadian government has already revoked his residency permit and making arrangements to confiscate the billionaire’s Canadian Assets.

After Ben Ali was ousted from power last week, his brother-in-law arrived in Montreal with family in his private jet.

The Tunisian Embassy in Ottawa has requested the Canadian government to arrest and extradite Mr. Trabelsi.

Making the Canadian government’s intentions clear, Mr. Lawrence Cannon – the Minister for Foreign Affairs said “He is not welcome. We are going to find – in the context, obviously, of current legislation – ways to assure, as quickly as possible, that we might comply with the demand from the Tunisia government”.

Unconfirmed sources claim that Mr. Trabelsi and his family have fled the hotel in Montreal they were putting up. Although no confirmation is available from Chateau Vaudreuil Suites Hotel, it is believed Mr. Trabelsi has gone into hiding.

Residency requirements for non-Canadians is a lengthy process and it’s not clear how Mr. Trabelsi managed to acquire the residency permit.

The despotic former President Ben Ali has fled to Saudi Arabia with his wife, reportedly with 1.5 tons of gold, after being ousted from power. Ben Ali ruled Tunisia uninterruptedly for 23 years and was ousted after street protests erupted against rampant corruption and poverty.

The Interpol has issued an alert against Ben Ali and his family at the behest of the new Tunisian government, which has accused him of defrauding the country and charged him with illegal money transfer.

Interpol said its member nations have been instructed to “search, locate and provisionally arrest Mr. Ali and his relatives”.

Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Stephen Harper has gone on record saying that members of the former Tunisian regime are not welcome in his country, during his recent visit to Morocco.

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