Cameron Wants to Focus on Promoting UK Business Abroad

Cameron used US trip to tell US financial leaders that Britain is open for business.

Cameron used US trip to tell US financial leaders that Britain is open for business.

David Cameron has announced that he is appointing an expert in business to head the Foreign Office and the Department would also recruit a commercial director.  Cameron told the news while speaking in New York on his trip’s last day in the US.  He told the US financial and business leaders that he wanted to focus on promoting UK business abroad.

The new permanent Secretary of Foreign Office will be Simon Fraser, who has been with the Department of Business for one year.

The Prime Minister stated:  “I want to refashion British foreign policy, the Foreign Office, to make us much more focused on the commercial aspects…making sure we are demonstrating Britain is open for business.

“I think it is a big opportunity.  As we come out of recession and into recovery we have got to pay our way in the world and I want to reorientate the Foreign Office to be much more commercially minded.

“I want us to be much more focused on winning orders for British business overseas, attracting inward investment back into Britain.”

He added: “I want to make sure that whenever any British minister, however junior, is meeting any counterpart, however junior or senior and for however short a time, they have always got a very clear list of the commercial priorities we are trying to achieve, whether that is pushing forward British orders, attracting inward investment or promoting bilateral or unilateral trade talks.

“This is extremely important for Britain as we come out of recession and go into recovery.”

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