Cameron Attacked by David Miliband over Pakistan Comments

David Cameron's words about Pakistan were harshly criticized by Miliband.

David Cameron’s words about Pakistan were harshly criticized by Miliband.

David Cameron was described as a “loud mouth” by David Miliband for his claims that Pakistan is enabling terrorism, abroad from people within its own country.

Despite the anger his comments have provoked, Cameron stood by his words saying, “Pakistan should not be allowed to promote the export of terror in the world.”  He mentioned he would always talk “frankly” to Britain’s friends and insisted he had not blamed the Islamabad government for promoting terrorism.

The Prime Minister spoke in New Delhi on his second and final day of his visit to India saying, “I don’t think the British tax payer wants me to go around the world saying what people want to hear.”

Miliband quickly countered his statement saying, “There is a big difference between straight-talking and being a loud mouth.”

Although Pakistan must be more expeditious in dealing with terrorism launched from its own back yard, it is also important to remember how much they have suffered from terrorism themselves.

The prime minister insisted he was not talking about the government launching terrorist attacks, but people within Pakistan.

A furious debate followed Cameron’s statements between London and Islamabad last night when Cameron warned Pakistan could no longer “look both ways” by tolerating terrorism and demanding respect as a democracy.

After Pakistan issued an official rebuttal, Downing Street insisted the prime minister was not accusing Pakistan’s government of sponsoring terrorism.  Although, a few minutes after his speech, Cameron made it clear he believes official agencies within Pakistan harbour terrorists.

Asked on the today programme if he thought Pakistan exports terrorism, Cameron said: “I choose my words very carefully.  It is unacceptable for anything to happen within Pakistan that is about supporting terrorism elsewhere.  It is well documented that that has been the case in the past, and we have to make sure that the Pakistan authorities are not looking two ways.  They must only look one way, and that is to a democratic and stable Pakistan.”

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  1. July 31, 2010 at 8:19 am shahida Commented:

    it was really very shoking news that very newly prime minister of britan david Camron criticized pakistan over its role againts terorrims ,Mr caroon trying to treat pakistan like Afghanistan that is not tolartable here is very big difference between Pak and Afghan .Mr camron should talked in smooth toungh during his visit to india .we would reffer to Mr camron that before any visit to any country he should take briefing from foreing ministry officials,2nd he should be care full about his reputation at international stage as he is new Pm and needs a very nice and smooth behaviour .but here i thought that one side Britain enjoying good relation ship and getting support from pakistan against terorrism 2nd hand it is trying to press pakistan for to do more .but here we clear this that war of afghan from united state and its allies could never win with out the involment and support of paksitan if britain will ignore the facts its need to study the history war by svit union that was actually won by pakistan.

  2. July 31, 2010 at 4:51 pm Jamal Shah Commented:

    British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Adam Thomson, is likely to be summoned to the Foreign Office amidst a growing diplomatic spat over British Prime Minister David Cameron’s remarks that Pakistan is promoting the ‘export of terror’ in Afghanistan and around the world. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi would hand over a demarche to Thomson seeking a full explanation on Cameron’s comments. No doubt David Cameron’s comments are surprising “and such statements could adversely affect the war against terrorism. Pakistan’s achievements and successes against terrorism cannot be negated or belittled…

    We take serious exception to any suggestion that falsifies facts and tends to put the entire onus of terrorism on Pakistan. This is totally unacceptable,” The Dawn quoted Qureshi, as saying in a statement.

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