Cairo Riots: Men In Black Come Back

Riots In Egypt

Riots In Egypt

Egypt have gone through a crazy period of time recently and the trouble they have gone through has not ceased as riots and chaos grip Cairo once again. The most recent update has shown that since the riots have started 22 people have died and a near enough 2000 more have been injured as the Egyptian security police are determined in using rubber bullets and clubs to take back control of Tahrir Square.

Lose faith in army

This police force is dressed in black and therefore have been referred to as the ‘men in black’ as normal Egyptians begin to lose faith in the army and their heavy action in the city. They have lost hope in the army because during the final days of the Mubarak regime they stepped to one side and let one of their own fall, Mubarak was a former air force general but the police showed no loyalty towards him.

In the past the Egyptian military had enjoyed considerable respect as many revered them in their position of the ultimate guardian of national independence. Many feel that the forces may as well use violence to delay the national elections which are scheduled for next week, this is because the Islamists are expected to do well and they are also trying to remove the army from their current political position in the country.

With unrest across the country there have been calls for an interim government of national salvation to be formed, under Mohammed Al-Baradei who is the former international Atomic Energy supremo.

This would allow the elections to take place in a calmer less volatile environment, giving the nations people the chance to vote for what is correct in the long-term for their country. This would also allow for the creation of a new Egyptian constitution which will give power back to the civilian government and presidency.

Youth at the top

The problem with the country has been the current complexities which have taken a grip of the political system and it is the basic problem western countries have chosen to ignore. The issue has been that across the region organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood have strength within the mosques at a level which could be dangerous.

The reality is that with the trouble the country is bearing witness too, the only prospective solution for a peaceful outcome is if the armed forces lose their grip, and if a more youthful and enlightened democratically minded group of officers move away from the tradition of the old Mubarak era and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces.

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