Brown Wants to do Charity Work

Brown Wants to do Charity Work

Gordon Brown hasn’t really talked about what he might be doing after his time as Prime Minister. But recently he mentioned he planned on doing charity and voluntary work in the future – this after polls are showing Brown behind David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Brown corrected himself saying that, of course, he had an “important job” ahead of himself but that he would plan on doing charity work after his time in Downing Street was over. Brown also said that the debate had energised the election and that he was feeling good about the results.

He also kept saying positive things about Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, including:

“People got a chance to see Nick Clegg for the first time and that’s good.”

The Prime Minister was speaking during a trip to Brighton with comedian Eddie Izzard. Izzard has recently recorded a party political broadcast for the Labour party.