Bradford Spring: George Galloway Makes Victory Speech

Galloway celebrates with fans

Galloway celebrates with fans

George Galloway is man that is able to draw the masses like no other politician in the country. On winning the Bradford West byelection he celebrated with dozens of fans under the moonlight, in his own very unique way.

Election counts are usually fairly mundane affairs, bringing together those people who are directly involved in the counts and the election. But when Galloway is around it is like watching a movie star, as grown men wait for hours and hours in the cold to see a middle-aged man come out from the leisure centre and celebrate his victory like a prize fighter.

Voice to ordinary people

One of the excited men said that Galloway will be giving voice to ordinary people, addressing issues with corruption and crime in Bradford. There was around a hundred people excited to know whether Galloway was heading for victory.

Even though the Coalition are working on ways to solve the pension crisis, debt issues and kick starting the economy Galloway’s victory would have caught their attention.

The result came just after 2am on Friday morning, a result the Labour party were not looking forward to. Galloway had come out victorious removing the grip the Labour party had over the region for more than 30-years.

He singlehandedly demolished the Labour vote, winning by a 10,140 margin. Figures had shown that 18,000 people had marked a cross next to his name, around the same number who had voted for Marsha Singh in the previous election when the Labour candidate came out as winner.

As Galloway emerged from the sports centre his supporters carried him as he was the captain of a World Cup winning team. Fans could be heard shouting ‘RE-SPECT! RE-SPECT!’, scenes that were not seen when the Coalition took over from the Labour party.

The situation began to spiral out of control when some of his fans began to shout ‘George for prime minister’. After the celebrations he was driven around the town in a Hummer, a similar kind of vehicle that Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen in when he was governor of California.


Car horns could be heard as his arrival at Grattan Road was intensely anticipated. On reaching the destination Galloway climbed on top of the car and addressed the amassed public with a megaphone, where he preached to the crowd: “All praise to Allah.”

On hearing of his victory political pundits were already lined up to express their shock, many had felt that Labour had the seat in the bag. Galloway was able to pull a similar feat in Bethnal Green and Bow in 2005, where he was able to steal a 10,000 majority vote from Labour.


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