Belgian Prime Minister quits for 3 time!

Yves Leterme

Yves Leterme


Here are a few of his other recent achievements:

  • quitting his job as Prime Minister 3 times
  • forgetting his country’s national anthem
  • insulting most of the population by calling them lazy or stupid

Yesterday Prime Minister Yves Leterme threw in the towel for a third time, plunging Belgium into a another existential crisis. Things aren’t looking up in Belgium.

Leterme’s latest Government had lasted a mere five months. Although he was steal leading in parliament, the politics were still quite divided in the region.

Belgium’s king was still pondering last night whether to let Mr Leterme, 49, actually go this time after he had quit twice in the past – only to come back again.

Maybe he’ll be back for more soon.

Here’s a photo of him listening to NWA: