Baroness Trumpington: Two Finger Salute

Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich

Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich

A video of an 89-year-old member of the House of Lords has become an online hit after she is seen giving a two-fingered salute to a fellow colleague while still in Parliament. Thousands of people have watched online as Conservative peer Baroness Trumpington appears to make the gesture toward the former defence secretary.

Patronising remark

Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich, is her full title, reacts after fellow peer Lord King of Bridgewater makes a patronising remark regarding the Baroness’s advancing years. The 89-year-old worked as a Nazi code breaker when she was younger and was unimpressed by her colleague when he gestured to her about the extreme age of World War II veterans.

The extraordinary moment was recorded on camera while Lord King was making a speech about the wartime generation during the Remembrance Day debate in the House of Lords. The funny part was that Lady Trumpington was sat looking at some papers minding her own business when the comment was made by Lord King at which point Lady Trumpington glared at him, raised two fingers at him and then went back to reading the papers in front of her.

The footage became an instant hit online, with the Lady Trumpington being called a ‘heroin’. After dedicating a part of her life to breaking Hitler’s codes she then went on to dedicate the rest of her life to the public service.

She worked her magic at Bletchley Park where she proved she was up to the mark against anything the enemy was to throw her way. She has been a lady with a big career which includes being the Mayor of Cambridge, a local Counsellor, a board member at HM Pentonville Prison, led a mental health review, represented the UK at the UN, president of the independent School board and also worked at Crime-stoppers.

A was a chain smoker, working her way through 70 cigarettes a day, she is thought of highly by her colleagues because of her wicked sense of humour and straight-talking and colleagues show their affection to her by referring to her as ‘Trumpers’.

Crown Jewels

When she was on Desert Island Discs, which was broadcasted on BBC Radio 4, she said that her luxury item would have to be the Crown jewels. Why? Many would ask, well to her it was simple, it was so she had a better chance of being rescued.

Talking about the gesture, she said: “I didn’t mean to make the gesture. My hand must have flown up.”

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