Arms Sting: Smuggling Arms For The Real IRA

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell, a suspected member of the Real IRA has been caught on camera in an MI5 sting operation where he is seen trying to purchase serious military defence arms. He has been arrested due to the footage and consequently found guilty of attempting to buy a collection of firearms and explosives.


The arms that he was in the process of purchasing had been created to equip the terrorist group for some form of action which by the level of weapon he was purchasing would have caused devastation.

Campbell has been jailed for 12 years by a Lithuanian Judge who had viewed the footage which was recorded in secret of the 39-year-old looking to buy weapons from another man called ‘Rambo’. He was not aware of the set-up by the United Kingdom intelligence agency who were working closely alongside the Lithuanian authorities and police force.

The weapons which were being negotiated for purchase where rocket-propelled grenades, detonators, a high-powered sniper rifle and a 12kg’s of Russian made explosives.

Campbell was under the impression that he was making a deal with Rambo, the Lithuanian arms dealer. But unaware to the Campbell he was part of a sting that was going on for the best part of four years.

The convictions included attempting to purchase weapons, attempting to smuggle them and also providing support for a terrorist group.

Bombing in London

The chief prosecutor of the case said that all the evidence pointed to the fact that the weapons and explosives would have been employed for terrorist attacks and the killing of many innocent  people in the United Kingdom.

“There was a plan to organise, in Lithuania, the training of Real IRA members on how to use the weaponry. They planned to use this weaponry against the UK police or military officers or their vehicles. The information we have proves that the explosives could have been used for bombing in London” said chief prosecutor Irmantas Mikelionis.

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