Anger and Frustration in US Economy will likely Bring a Change of Power in Tuesday Election

US voters are expected to bring in new leaders on Tuesday's election.

US voters are expected to bring in new leaders on Tuesday’s election.

With just days remaining until a very important election day in the US, campaigners are covering voting areas from coast to coast, increasing television commercials and print ads, and shaking as many hands as possible to try and bring their supporters to the voting polls on Tuesday. Americans are expected to express their anger and frustration with the Obama administration by pulling his party our of Senate and House positions. If they do then Republicans will gain control possibly of both houses of Congress.

Spending has reached a record for midterm elections hitting near the $4 billion mark. Volunteers have hit a high as well helping their chosen candidate by making phone calls, knocking on doors, hanging election signs, and showing up at rallies.

President Obama, who stands to lose strong support should those in power be defeated, has angered many by calling those voting against his party as “the enemy”. He has been campaigning hard for the Democratic Party and didn’t alter his scheduled appearance plans despite the terrorist plot happenings of Friday. Mrs. Obama, Vice-President Biden and Mrs. Biden are also out campaigning hard for the Democrats.

The election has seen many new entrants into the political race including some successful business people. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman are both in tight races.

All 435 US House seats are up on Tuesday. To take control Republicans must gain 39 new seats which they lost in 2006. In 1994 Republicans gained 52 seats in a landslide win. The US Senate has 37 of 100 seats up for grabs. The Republicans need to take over a gain of 10 to take control.

Also on Tuesday, citizens in 37 of 50 states will be voting to elect state Governors.

Following the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, a 10% unemployment nationwide with some areas having as much as 20% unemployment, frustration over healthcare referendums, taxes and the bailouts, citizens are expected to voice their anger through voting by bringing a change of power.

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