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France: Challenges For New President Francois Hollande

Francoise Hollande enjoying his victory

Francoise Hollande enjoying his victory

France has voted for change in their national elections, removing Nicolas Sarkozy from his top spot and replacing him with the Francois Hollande. He takes the role at a time when the eurozone is facing a host of problems, with the obstacle requiring the most urgent attention being the economy.

Obama trying to woo the younger generation

Barack Obama: Slow Jams On Late Night TV

With the US elections coming up, President Barack Obama made an attempt to appeal to the younger generation by slow jamming on the TV chat show ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’. There is a strong feeling that Obama will not be re-elected as President, ending his one term reign in the hot seat.

Galloway celebrates with fans

Bradford Spring: George Galloway Makes Victory Speech

George Galloway is man that is able to draw the masses like no other politician in the country. On winning the Bradford West byelection he celebrated with dozens of fans under the moonlight, in his own very unique way.

Obama takes Cameron too NCAA tournament

Obama And Cameron: Basketball Then Business

The President of America Barack Obama has treated the British Prime Minister to his favourite sport of Basketball, taking Cameron to an NCAA tournament game. The game was taking place in the presidential election state of Ohio which could have the swinging vote.

Salmond and Cameron to meet next week

Scottish Referendum: Salmond And Cameron To Meet

With the first meeting between Alex Salmond and David Cameron looming, Salmond has been accused of trying to ‘spin’ the date of a Scottish Independence referendum.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

Politics: Osborne Calls Bank Bonuses ‘Necessary’

Chancellor George Osborne has said that although the extremely large bank bonuses are reviled, they are a necessary evil, as long Sir Phillip Hampton and Stephen Hester from the Royal Bank of Scotland would have been much worse for the country.

Nick Clegg

Politics: Clegg Demands Tax ‘Fairness’

The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, called for more ‘fairness for the middle’ in the tax regime yesterday and vowed that the Lib Dems would ‘stick to our guns’ over a mansion tax that would see those with homes worth more than £2m pay more.

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