Wednesday’s Midday FTSE 100 Remains Under 5,000

Midday Trading Sees Increase, Yet FTSE Remains Under 5,000

Increase in FTSE100

Midday trading of the FTSE 100 showed a gain of 25.23 per cent.  It remained under 5,000 at 4,939.45.

The largest gain was seen by Astra Zenca with a gain of 8.77 per cent.  Lloyds Group saw another day’s gain and were at an increase of 2.92 per cent.  Capita Group so far today has a 2.76 per cent loss and was steady around 739.50.

BP has shown a surprising gain of 7.56 per cent with shares at 325.80 pounds per share.  This despite news that Hurricane Alex is hampering efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.  Though the Hurricane is predicted to hit the Mexico and Texas border, west of the area of the BP oil spill, the storm is still having an effect on the area.  Tuesday oil skimming boats were ordered to stay in port and the order was repeated for today.  Those on the beaches and marshes are reporting higher tides in the area and a significant increase in oil slick sightings in  the water as waves bring the oil slick closer to land.  Winds and rough waves are hampering containment efforts as well.

The highest volume traders at midday were Lloyds Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, BP, and Vodafone Group.

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