Ryanair takes on Spanish court in bid to keep charges in place



Budget airline Ryanair are famous for their cost cutting measures and trying to charge customers for going to the toilet, but a Spanish court in Barcelona has finally had enough and has deemed that their latest measure is illegal.

The airline, who fly all over Europe, charge passengers £40 for not printing a boarding pass before turning up at the airport. They are expected to check in online and print their own pass, and if they don’ they are charged £40.

The Spanish court decided that this charge was illegal, prompting Ryanair to threaten not to print any boarding passes at the airport, effectively stopping people without a pre printed boarding pass getting on their planes.

Ryanair claim that without the charge they would have to employ more staff to deal with issuing manual boarding cards and that the ruling was “bizarre and unlawful”.

Ryanair pointed out that 99% of their customers come with a pre printed boarding pass, although that figure is hardly surprising given the cost involved of forgetting.

The airline intend to continue with the charge until their appeal is heard.

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