Orders Issued for Ships to Leave Gulf Area

Tropical storm Bonnie makes her way toward the Gulf oil spill area.

Tropical storm Bonnie makes her way toward the Gulf oil spill area.

The US federal government ordered ships to evacuate the site of the BP oil spill before Tropical Storm Bonnie makes her way into the Gulf. 

“Due to the risk that Tropical Storm Bonnie poses to the safety of the nearly 2,000 people responding to the BP oil spill at the well site, many of the vessels and rigs will be preparing to move out of harms way beginning tonight,” National Incident Commander Thad Allen said in a statement on Thursday evening.

“This includes the rig drilling the relief well that will ultimately kill the well, as well as other vessels needed for containment,” Allen said.

BP is going to try and monitor the well as along as possible as the storm moves into the area.

Tropical storm Bonnie will push heavy winds and rain and strong thunderstorms into the Gulf this weekend.

BP placed a temporary plug called a storm packer inside the relief well Wednesday in preparation for evacuation until the storm passes and drilling can resume.

The cap on the blown well continues to build pressure and is now above 6,300 psi.  As soon as the storm is over BP engineers will move back in and continue monitoring.  The ability to leave the cap on during a tropical storm or hurricane was something that they had hoped they could do.

Clean up crews are trying to prepare for the defense of the marshlands from oil and tar balls that Tropical Storm Bonnie will push closer into shore.

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