Occupy Oakland: Violence Erupts After Clashes With Police

Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland

During an early morning raid of a camp, which was formed in a downtown area in the Californian city of Oakland, protestors were forcibly evicted which has prompted violence as demonstrators  have clashed with police. Inspired by the scenes in other Occupy Movements across American cities police dismantled the camp which had been in place for more than two weeks.

Bank bailouts

People have come together in Oakland to protest on a variety of issues which have included bank bailouts to police brutality. The scenes have not been restricted to America with London and Rome also seeing similar ‘Occupy’ protests.

300 people had set up camp in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza and in a dawn raid it was destroyed. This instigated a wave of counter-protests by Occupy Oakland supporters who had tried multiple times to regain control of the square.

In an attempt to control the escalating violence police used teargas and smoke grenades and fired ‘bean bags’ of shotgun pellets into the amassed crowd which consequently caused a range of injuries.

It has been claimed by police that officers had been injured by having paint thrown at them and that protestors were throwing fireworks into their ranks.

American TV stations were reporting the situation live and this only triggered more violence and disorder among the Occupy Oakland movement.

Extreme force

Police in Oakland are known for using extreme force to deal with matters and faced many allegations of abuse and police brutality, the violence in the city has been the pinnacle to what is generally a troubled city.

Police backed their raid on the basis of concerns over health and safety issues and violations of law. With one Oakland protestor, Samsarah Morgan, saying: “I’m hoping our city government comes to their senses and stops dealing with us like a fascist state.”

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