New Pontins boss to give the resorts a Disneyland style makeover



New Pontins boss, Alex Langsam has revealed his new plans for the leisure resorts he saved last month.

Langsam is the owner of Britannia Hotel Group and bought the struggling company last month for £20 million, saving 850 jobs.

The new owner says he is aiming to give the parks a Disney style makeover, reinventing the five parks he has purchased and will include Disney style costumes and attractions.

He did however reveal that he would keep the one thing synonymous with Pontins, the Bluecoats.

“The bluecoats will stay because if it ain’t broke you don’t fix it.” he said.

“But there will be people dressed up in all sorts of different ways, too.”

Langsam has earmarked £25million to relaunch the company, which owns five parks located around the country.

The five are in Brean Sands in Somerset, Camber Sands in Sussex, Pakefield in Suffolk, Southport on Merseyside and the Welsh resort of Prestatyn.

Langsam is looking to replicate the feeling he got as a child visiting Disneyland.

“If I go to the Disney site in Florida, I’m back to being a child.”

“It’s the adults that enjoy it as much as the kids.”

The company has seen ups and downs since it’s inception in 1946. Fred Pontin built the first camp on a former US army base, and grew the empire to include 30 parks at one point, but cheap package deals drove holiday makers abroad and Frd sold the company in 1978.

Having passed through the hands of several owners since, Pontins has struggled and now runs just five resorts, and fell into administration in November.

Rivals Butlins have seen resurgence in profits, after heavily investing in their camps, so the precedent has been set for Langsam to turn the company around.

Will you be visiting a Pontins this summer?

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