Mercury to stop releasing music on CD and vinyl



One of the major record labels, Mercury, have announced that they have stopped releasing music singles on CD and vinyl.

The label, who are home to U2, Arcade Fire and The Killers, explained that they had made a loss on singles in 2010, and that they would now only be released in special circumstances.

Less than 1% of weekly singles sales are now made up of people buying CDs and Vinyl, and digital downloads make up the rest, as the world turns to the internet for its music.

Sales of individual tracks have increased on the back of this trend, from just 66.9million in 2006, to over 160million in 2010.

This can also be attributed to the option to buy individual songs from albums, rather than just those released as singles like before.

Some songs will still be available in CD form, as they have sufficient demand.

The X Factor Christmas number one single still sells well in physical form, and will remain available on CD in the future.

Candle in the Wind, Elton John’s tribute to Princess Diana was the UKs biggest ever selling single, and shows that there is still a demand for CDs for certain occasions.

Vinyl is a different story however, and has seen sales fall.

More than a million vinyl 7inch singles were sold in 2006, but that figure dropped 82% to 152,000 last year.

Mercury said, “For the past couple of years we have released physical singles only when there is demand.”

“With physical formats now accounting for just over 1% of the overall singles market we are being more cautious.

“That said, physical singles are not disappearing and we will still release them when there is a demand.”

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