Market News: Apple Shares Fall

As chief executive Jobs retires, investors see Apple shares fall.

As chief executive Jobs retires, investors see Apple shares fall.

Shares in Apple have fallen 2.5% to $366.85 per share on the Nasdaq in the New York markets. This may be a reflection of the resignation of the company’s chief executive, Steve Jobs.

Mr. Jobs will continue at Apple as the chairman, and has been on medical leave since January 17. Mr. Tim Cook, who previously had been the chief operating officer, will now fill the role of chief executive. Cook has already been in charge of the operations of the company while Jobs was on leave.

No Fear

According to Van Baker, who is an analyst at Gartner, investors should not panic even though Mr. Jobs is leaving. Experts believe that the company is both in capable hands and that Mr. Jobs left the company in a position for more growth. More growth will be just the right thing for those invested in pensions and saving for retirement.

While Tim Cook will have to work very hard in order to keep up with the direction Mr. Jobs sent the company in, he will likely be able to do it. Mr. Jobs will continue to provide input and support and work as chairman.

It will be difficult for the public to think about Apple without thinking about the man who turned the company around in the 1990s, but the company has remained successful with Mr. Cook in charge and will continue to thrive.

New Products, Thriving Company

Products that will be released soon include the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5. Staff at the company are expected to feel at a loss without Mr. Jobs but will flourish under Mr. Cook.

Apple will remain one of the wealthiest companies in the world, wealthier by far than the governments it sprang from. Shares in the company will rise again and those invested in Apple will continue to succeed.

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