Jobs Gives Remedy to iPhone4 Problem Too Little Too Late

Jobs says "Applegate" was created to harm Apple.

Jobs says “Applegate” was created to harm Apple.

Apple has come up with a solution for all those that have had problems with their iPhone4.  In a rare appearance and meeting to address the media and iPhone owners Apple’s Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced all new iPhone4 owners would get a free case cover that would fix the issue.  Since the problem with reception was reported widely by media the company has lost a large part of its market share value since the end of June.

The problem has been deemed “Applegate” by those thinking the media has overblown the problem, including Apple.  Another new phrase is the “iPhone Death Grip” so named because holding the phone causes a call to die and get dropped.  “This has been blown so out of proportion, it’s incredible.” Jobs told reporters and analysts on Friday.

Though there has been a loss of stock value for Apple the iPhone4 has continued to sell well.  Analysts are unsure if there will be a long term effect to Apple’s reputation.  They question Apple’s slow response to the problem and the temporary remedy.  The file cases will cost the company $45 million whereas an in store repair program could have cost $300 million.

The news of the free cases did remedy the worries of some investors as shares of Apple climbed 1.4 per cent.  The cases will be offered till September 30. and for those that want a full refund that will be offered as well.  If consumers bought their own phone bumper case and it was bought directly from Apple then they will refund that cost to the consumer.

Apple’s first response to the reported issue was to tell phone owners to hold their phones differently.  The second response was to report a software glitch was responsible for the problem and was reporting signal strengths wrong.  Now finally a quick solution but many aren’t sure if it is enough, especially since the solution was passed around on the Internet before Jobs gave Apple’s official remedy.  Internet forums, YouTube, and other sites told that the use of a bumper case or even duct tape to cover the specific antenna spot on the side of the iPhone could keep fingers from coming into contact with the antenna gap and calls would no longer drop. 

Jobs told in his meeting that all smart phones had the same problem as the iPhone and that media and others were trying to destroy the reputation of the successful company.  In response other smartphone manufacturers were quick to respond that the problem was limited to the iPhone4 and not their smartphones.

“Jobs was a little bit defensive, and Apple has a tendency to do that,” said Gartner analyst Van Baker.  “They’ll be criticized for that.  But at the same time, the position that they outlined about their product relative to others is fair, and their offer is generous.”

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