Hotweather Was Best Salesman for Local Pub Sales

People tend to chose pubs over restaurants in hard economic times.

People tend to chose pubs over restaurants in hard economic times.

Fuller Smith & Turner enjoyed an increase in sales and has thanked the hot weather for that.  The 165 year old company has 366 pubs in the south of England.  The hot weather drove people to seek cool interiors and spend some time sipping lager.

“The hot weather is our best salesman.  It’s not so good for ale but sales of lager are up,” said Fuller Smith & Turner Chairman Michael Turner.  “If you have hot weather it’s always best to get it in May and June, before the school holidays.”

After some glorious summer weather there are economic clouds on the horizon, but I am confident that our strategy ensures the company is well placed to deliver for its shareholders even in this continuing uncertain times,” added Turner.

The Company enjoyed a 4.1 per cent rise in like for like sales at its pubs and hotels division in the 16 weeks to 17 July.

Soft drink maker Britvic, with brands Robinsons, Tango and Fruit Shoot also reported a push from the warm weather.  Revenues so far in the third quarter soared 16 per cent to 289.5 million pounds.

SABMiller, the brewer of Peroni and Pilsner Urquell reported an increase in lager sales thanks to good weather and the World Cup.  In South Africa where the company enjoys 90 per cent of the market, the company sold the equivalent of 44 million extra cans or bottles during the tournament.

Pubs should continue to do well according to Turner, who said people pick pubs over restaurants when times get tough financially.  “Pubs do excellent food; they have made immense strides in the three years since the smoking ban was introduced.”

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