Government may scrap fuel duty rise

Petrol tax plans could be scrapped

Petrol tax plans could be scrapped

The government have hinted that they may scrap their planned fuel duty rise, as petrol prices continue to rise to record highs following uncertainty in Libya.

Chancellor George Osborne appeared on Andrew Marr’s BBC show as admitted that he was looking at scrapping the planned duty rise ahead of his budget on Wednesday.

In a victory for campaigning motorists, Osborne admitted that he was concerned that motorists were having to deal with record high petrol prices, which has seen the average price per litre of unleaded fuel soar past £1.30.

Osborne also hinted at budget measures to deal with rising youth unemployment, that now sees 1 in 5 18-24year olds out of work.

The government plans on helping youngsters gain a “high quality vocational education” where they would be able to learn on the job through apprenticeships.

With 18-24 year old unemployment at a record high of 18.3%, anything would help it seems.

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