Google to Change How the World Watches TV with Google TV Set to Launch This Month

Google TV is set to launch to much anticipation at the end of this month.

Google TV is set to launch to much anticipation at the end of this month.

Google predicts their newest venture, Google TV, is going to change how everyone thinks of TV and how they view TV. The team working on the Google TV project is busy trying to meet the nearing deadline to have it ready by the end of this month for the US market. The software platform will bring the Internet into play with people’s television sets.

The multi-billion dollar company has developed many ideas that have failed to take off such as Google Buzz, their version of a social program. Yet, when they hit on the right idea it hits big. Their Android phone has exceeded expectations in the mobile phone market and should bypass the Blackberry next year to take the top level command of smart phones. Google TV is being predicted as the newest must have gadget and tech toy for upcoming Holiday sales.

Many television manufacturers are releasing TVs that will have built in apps for popular Web favorites like YouTube and Skype but Google TV will bring the whole Web to the TV, not just particular app like sites. The remote control with the Google TV will have a keyboard and mouse like pointing device for navigation through screens. While Google TV will be a stand-alone unit, Sony will be releasing a Google TV ready model for those wanting their Google TV built in.

Google TV will also allow specialized apps to be ran that will make watching TV more interactive. For instance, an app for the US’s CNBC financial channel will allow you to simultaneously watch the news program while you personalize your own stock ticker to run at the bottom of the screen. The apps will be using the Android platform, so those with Android phones will be able to use their phones to interact with Google TV. Such uses would be that someone could call up the TV to turn to a specific program by using voice recognition through their Android phone.

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