Google Buys Technology Used By Search Engine Rival Microsoft’s Bing

Google to buy ITA Software.

Google to buy ITA Software.

Last year Microsoft released to much fanfare and advertising its new search engine Bing.  It has heralded that one of its greatest features is the ability of Bing to deliver accurate and up to date information more accurately to searchers and especially when it comes to airline fares.  This being better than that of search engine rivals Google and Yahoo.

Thursday Google, Inc. announced its intention to buy ITA Software for $700 million.  This purchase could put Google in control of the widely used technology that powers Bing’s ability to deliver their airline fare search results.  A Microsoft spokesman declined to make any comment after Google’s announcement of the acquisition.

Google said in a statement that obtaining ITA Software’s technology “opens exciting possibilities for us to create new ways for users to more easily find flight information on line.”

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